Plastic #2 (HDPE)

Alternative ways to recycle
Recycle Curbside

Recycle plastic bottles and jugs.  Bottles and jugs must be empty and lightly rinsed.  Place caps back on containers before recycling.

dirty plastic container

Clean Out Containers

Before recycling a plastic container that once held food, get the container as clean and dry as possible. Containers that contain recycling contaminants like food are often separated out and sent to a landfill.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Tide® Laundry Bottle Recycling Program

Recycle laundry bottles and caps through TerraCycle’s free mail-in recycling program. They accept plastic #2 bottles with their plastic #5 caps securely attached. Find out more about the Tide® Laundry Bottle Recycling Program.

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Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program

Recycle hair care, skin care and cosmetic product packaging through this free mail-in program by TerraCycle and Garnier. Accepted items include shampoo caps, conditioner caps, hair gel tubes and caps, hair spray triggers, soap dispensers and tubes, body wash caps, and lotion dispensers and caps. Find out more.

Did You Know?

What Plastic #2 Can Become

Plastic #2 can be recycled into new plastic jugs, plastic lumber, patio furniture, flower pots, buckets, recycling bins, benches and fencing.