Contact Lenses

Alternative ways to recycle
Special Instructions

Do not throw your used contacts in the toilet or sink. This is the worst place you can dispose of contact lenses, as their small size allows them to get through filters and back into the environment where they can be a hazard for animals, especially bottom feeders, which can eat them. Luckily, a few progressive companies have addressed this risk and you no longer have to even put them in the trash.

These local providers participate

Mid Town Vision- Tel: 831-426-7172
Email: [email protected]
Address: 550 Water St #J5, Santa Cruz, CA


Recycle Boxes With Paper

The cardboard boxes that contact lenses come in can be recycled with paper in your recycling cart.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

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TerraCycle Contact Lens Recycling Program

TerraCycle has partnered with Bausch + Lomb to recycle contact lenses and the blister packs they are packaged in. Simply collect your lenses and their packaging in a box, and request a free shipping label to send the materials to TerraCycle for recycling. Learn more.