Plastic bags and film is accepted in curbside recycling only if you Bag Your Bags.  Place all your used plastic bags and film plastic into a single grocery-sized plastic bag and tie the top closed using the bag itself.  Bags must by empty, clean and dry. No single or loose plastic bags.

The following items are accepted in Bag Your Bags:

Grocery and merchandise bags
Produce and bread bags
Sandwich and Ziplock bags
Bubble wrap
Dry cleaner and newspaper bags
Plastic wrap on cases of water
Plastic wrap on paper products
Plastic wrap on magazines

The following items are not accepted in Bag Your Bags:

Rigid, crinkly plastics
Rubber bands, twist ties or tape
Six-pack rings
Tyvek envelopes
Foam plastics
Net produce bags
Photographic film
Organic matter or debris
Strapping, string or rigid bag handles

Watch this video to help you recycle right!


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